David Tennant & Catherine Tate Filming The Runaway Bride In Cardiff

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"One, two, three…"

Logopolis - season 18 - 1981

Kill the Moon - series 08 - 2013

Not bad for a girl from Coal Hill school and her teacher.

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Do you know what? Shut up. I am so sick of listening to you!

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It’s a mistake. You’ve made a boyfriend error!

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"I trust him. He’s never let me down”

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♕ clara in series eight8.03 robot of sherwood
you can take the girl out of blackpool…

Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.07 “Kill The Moon”
▬ Twelve touching his hair and face and being extremely cute while sitting on that box.

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"Doctor, will you just… just tell her."
Tell her what?
"Tell her that she’s special."
Have you gone bananas?"
Do you really think I’m not special?